Saturday, September 17, 2011

Installing PowerPivot for SharePoint on Denali

One of our enterprising team have installed SharePoint 2010 on Denali (SQL 2010) and things have been smooth so far.

While trying to install “PowerPivot for SharePoint” on the Server, we ran into the following error:

SharePoint version requirement for PowerPivot for SharePoint failed.

We were initially misled into thinking that it’s a Denali and not SharePoint issue. The Denali log files and Windows event viewer logs did not help.

To fix the error, you need to know the following:

·         BI Features are available only on SharePoint Enterprise edition. They are not available on SharePoint Standard edition.

·         How to check whether you are have Standard or Enterprise Edition installed. There is an option in Central Admin where this can be checked. Go to CAàUpgrade and Migration à Convert farm license type and it will display the current license type

·         A valid and genuine Enterprise License Key for SharePoint Server.

·         How to upgrade from Standard to Enterprise. You don’t need to re-install SharePoint. It can be upgraded by simply providing the key through the Central Admin.  If you run into issues, you may want to refer my previous blog post

As you have guessed by now, we were on Standard edition. We upgraded to Enterprise and then re-installed ‘PowerPivot for SharePoint’. Everything worked like a charm this time.