Monday, November 24, 2014

Establishing Yammer Networks for Yammer Certifications

I keep getting queries regarding Yammer Admin Certifications and how to setup your own Yammer network.

To clear Yammer Admin Certification, you need to play around with Yammer Enterprise Network (not Basic) with a Verified Admin account (and not an end user account).

Yammer Verified Admin is a very powerful account. For e.g. it can view messages of a private group in Yammer. Unless you or your team are responsible for managing Yammer in your organization, it’s unlikely that you will be made Yammer Verified Admin.

If you are determined to clear Yammer Admin Certifications, suggest that you plan to establish your own Yammer Network. Your personal Yammer network which you  own and manage. Below are high level steps I followed:

·        Create an Office 365 Tenancy. (You can create free one month trial or use your MSDN account for same. If you are a .net or SharePoint developer, you should be already having MSDN subscription).

·         If you don’t already have a domain, purchase a domain (I purchased for 10 GBP per year. Later I realized that is available for much lesser price).

·         Register your domain in Office 365

·         Create user(s) with email address belonging to your newly acquired domain (e.g. )

·         Register with Yammer using your domain email address. Yammer will send an email with the verification link.

·         Go to Office 365 Inbox, and click on activation link. You have your basic Yammer network established.

·         Within Office 365, raise a request to upgrade Yammer from Basic to Enterprise. MS takes about 1-2 days for same. And Office 365 global admins become verified yammer admins.

It’s been more than six months, so I don’t remember where to click and all. However, it is well documented and you can search on Internet.

I have established where I am the Verified Admin (Super User Account) and can do whatever I need. For e.g. I use it for configuring DSync (with AD on Azure) with different configuration settings, perform Data Exports and creating Yammer Analytics reports using Microsoft Power BI, Integrating SharePoint 2010 Web Parts for Yammer, etc.

I recommend SharePoint professionals and aspiring Yammer professionals to do same. Remember, knowledge of Yammer Administration is now becoming a pre-requisite for all Office 365 / SharePoint consultants.

Yammer is simple to learn/master. It’s not as wide in scope as SharePoint and there are limited options.

Enjoy your own Yammer network!!!

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